Tag – you’re it!

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Tag – you’re it!

ToddTodd: As a parent to four little ones, I can really get behind any game of tag.

Cory MunchbachCory: As a child at heart, me too #peterpanismyspiritanimal #nevergrowup

ToddTodd: Alrighty then! Tag! You’re it, tag management Connections!

Cory MunchbachCory: Today we are diving into three Connections in particular – to Tealium, Ensighten, and Google Tag Manager. For those following along at home, tags are pieces of code that perform a task on your website, which can include collecting data, serving an ad, or cookie-ing a visitor – among other things. Websites today have can have dozens or hundreds of tags on them.

ToddTodd: Enter tag management! The rise of tag management platforms transformed online marketing by simplifying how online marketers and their site developers deal with the sheer volume of tags responsible for all sorts of different tasks.

— Looking for more details on the tag management space? Check out this great article from Marketing Land on tag management! —

Cory MunchbachCory: Tealium has been around since 2008 and Ensighten since ‘09, and a lot of brands have invested considerable time and resources in getting their tags organized using this solution. Brands who already have several marketing technologies connected via their tag solution are often looking for ways to enrich the web data they can collect and supplement their existing tags.

ToddTodd: To bring behavioral data collected by BlueConic to the table, along with other data integrated through other BlueConic Connections (e.g. CRM, ESP), we’ve built a Connection to each of these vendors that allows marketers to share first party data out to the rest of their marketing tech stack for known and anonymous users.

Cory MunchbachCory: These Connections can feed Segment or Profile information from BlueConic to the tag solution by pushing data into an existing data layer (JavaScript object), or creating a new data layer specifically for this purpose.

ToddTodd: With the tag management Connections alone, our customers are able to take advantage of the unique behavioral data collected via BlueConic across their sites and mobile apps and tie it into the various marketing technologies connected to that tag manager. With a combination of other Connections in place, data for known users can be enriched with all of the granular detail available across other platforms.

Cory MunchbachCory: Game on!


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