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April 28, 2016 | By

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In need of a good laugh? Today’s #TBT is brought to you by one of the signature comedies of the ’90s: Superstar. Mary Katherine Gallagher from SNL stars as an Irish-American Catholic school girl named Shannon who sets out on the noblest of all journeys: becoming a superstar so she can get a kiss from her mega-crush Sky Corrigan (Will Ferrell).

Shannon sees her chance at stardom when her school announces a special talent show. And while her grandmother tells her not to audition, Shannon makes her way to tryouts and – *SPOILER ALERT* – eventually wins it all: the kiss, the glory, the fame, all the components of a truly stellar ending (though it turns out Sky was a TERRIBLE kisser). So, what does all this have to do with marketing?



Marketers are seeing their chances to become superstars with enriched content and digital interactions. According to a study by the CMO Council, senior marketers report a long list of benefits from leveraging this kind of targeted material. Of respondents, 56 percent cited higher response and engagement rates, 47 percent named increasingly timely and relevant interactions and 43 percent reported more customer conversions.

Clearly, more enriched and personalized content combined with an increase in digital interactions sets up marketers to be the superstars they have always dreamed of being.

While we can’t guarantee your performance will land you a coveted kiss from Sky Corrigan, we can promise some pretty stellar results – like triple digit increases to clicks on key website positions and email open rates personalized based on real-time web behavior. BlueConic is the simplest and most accessible customer data platform that allows marketers to better leverage their customer information to create richer interactions (and most importantly reap the benefits). To learn more about how to get started, give us a holler!

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