How to Choose the Right Customer Data Platform

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How to Choose the Right Customer Data Platform

Introducing our toolkit: Select the right CDP for you.

There are a lot of ways to measure the growth of customer data platforms (CDP): search terms, revenue, new customers, and media/analyst mentions to name a few. At BlueConic, we can see the growth when we look at the quarter-over-quarter increases in revenue, customers, renewals, and inbound leads. Qualitatively, we’ve observed how the nature of the conversations taking place about CDPs is far more sophisticated, with better informed marketers asking incisive questions about their customer data needs and how to solve them.

Source: Google Trends

Perhaps the best indicator of all these measures rolled into one is the explosion of requests-for-proposal/information (RFPs/RFIs) that we received in 2016.

These requests tell us a couple things:

  1. Marketers are strategically and exhaustively defining requirements for their customer data and actively seeking partners to meet these unique needs, rather than trying to retrofit existing solutions
  2. A common set of criteria exist (detailed below) but application of the data varies considerably across customers
  3. A CDP isn’t just a nice-to-have that marketers bolt onto their budget when they have extra money lying around
  4. Senior decision-makers are driving the CDP purchase process even though they do not often end up being the primary user(s) of the platform

Despite all these measures and signs of the customer data platform’s upward trajectory, we’re still in the early days. As a marketer, you may be eager to add a CDP to your marketing tech stack but don’t have the resources or institutional knowledge in house to start from scratch. So, we’d like to help with our Customer Data Platform Buying Guide & Toolkit, which includes:

  1. A list of really smart people who are experts in this space and are worth talking to
  2. Resources from around the industry you should definitely read up on
  3. An RFP outline with some key categories and sample evaluation
  4. Suggested use-cases for demos (for you to customize to your business, of course!)

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