Welcoming the Boston Globe

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Welcoming the Boston Globe

Today we are thrilled to announce the addition of the Boston Globe to our growing list of customers. Working with a world-class media and news organization that is aggressively adopting marketing technology to solve crucial business challenges is what we have built our company to do. From early on in our discussions, it was clear that the diverse set of brands of the Boston Globe Media Partners form a company that was a perfect fit for what we do.

One of the primary use cases that we are solving is customer profiling to deliver a better user experience to increase online and print subscription rates. With a varied demographic profile of users, the Globe seeks to deliver an individualized experience to each user. Todays news seekers are empowered more than ever to engage when and how they want. This includes the traditional desktop browser and increasingly mobile apps and mobile websites.  The challenge is to deliver an experience that transcends devices, that is individualized for the user, and most importantly, keeps the user informed on their terms.

Another use case we are solving for is focused on the advertising side of the business. Ads are simply part of the user experience in a free content environment. However, ads can and should be better. They can be more relevant, which is a benefit to the user as well as the advertiser. With BlueConic, Boston Globe Media Partners gets to know their users better across all their publications and brands, can define clear segments and can work with their advertising partners to make sure that ads served match the relevance criteria.

We look forward to helping our friends at the Globe continue to grow their business.

Bart – CEO, BlueConic

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