What I Expect To See In Scott Brinker’s 2016 Marketing Tech Landscape Supergraphic

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What I Expect To See In Scott Brinker’s 2016 Marketing Tech Landscape Supergraphic

While marketing technologists, analysts, and vendors alike all wait with bated breath for the next installment of ChiefMarTech’s marketing technology landscape supergraphic, I thought it’d be a good time to think about what we’ve seen over the last year and what that might tell us about what we might see when Scott drops the 2016 version soon.

It also gives me an opportunity to dust off my analyst hat and review some of the major events and trends we saw in 2015 related to this really exciting, really complicated space. So without further ado, my “predictions” for the next supergraphic:

  1. More companies, more categories. You might think, “Duhviously,” on this one given that Scott’s count doubled from ’14 to ‘15, but you have to consider how much consolidation is also happening in martech at the same time as new companies hit the scene. I anticipate we’ll see at least 2,300 logos on this iteration and a net-new four categories (personalization and chat, for instance, should be split this time around). In the first quarter of last year, MarTech saw an influx of $1b in new money, while an August 2015 study from Venture Beat saw growth in all major martech categories. This party is just heating up.
  2. Growth will primarily be in data-driven categories. Customer data in all its forms, both real and imagined, is the hottest currency in marketing today. Everyone wants more data, better data, bigger data, richer data. The plethora of data sources results in a rather messy puzzle for the modern marketer to solve in an effort to maximize the value and utility of the data they have; the ambition of recognizing customers across channels, devices, and sessions remains just that for the majority of companies – an ambition. But all kinds of vendors are trying to help marketers address different aspects of the data challenge and this is where I’d expect to see the most newcomers in the new landscape – analytics, DMPs, CDPs, etc.
  3. MarTech as a category is seeking an equilibrium. There’s a fundamental paradox in marketing tech right now when it comes to the supply and demand driving the overarching growth of the space. Marketers are buying more of it, existing vendors are gobbling up additional funding rounds, and new vendors are joining the fray to offer an innovative take on problems old and new. On the other hand, marketers complain (rightfully so!) about wanting to get more out of their existing investments. In light of this, I observe three things: one, it’s really hard to be a marketer today (#realtalk); two, to justify spend, the investment either has to be highly conventional (e.g. an ESP or web analytics solution) or convincingly innovative (e.g. mobile marketing or personalization) in order for the CMO to cut a check; and three, there’s a huge premium placed on interoperability and integrations for anything being added to the stack.

The BlueCrew is super fired up to see Scott’s latest work – especially because it looks like we might be joining a whole new category this year 😉

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