Why is retargeting so important? Because it’s so effective!

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Why is retargeting so important? Because it’s so effective!

Of all the many marketing tactics you can invest in today, why go after previous visitors to your site with retargeting? After all, it seems on the surface that this method will be less effective than going after new audiences. However, there’s a simple reason to opt for retargeting: It works! If you can craft effective messages that deal with the issues your customers face on a day-to-day basis, there’s every chance your retargeting efforts will draw these buyers further down the path to purchase – and help with customer retention after they buy.

Promising numbers

When making a big decision such as setting a marketing strategy, it pays to find out what others in the field think. In the case of retargeting, experts appear to be rallying around it. According to VentureBeat, a 2014 survey by AdRoll found more than 90 percent of marketing tech leaders found retargeting strategies to be at least as helpful as search, email or general display campaigns. Spurred on by this development, more companies committed to the method.

The news source also explained the main edge retargeting has over other methods of intent-based targeting. The data for a retargeting campaign comes from you: It originates from visitors to your site that you reach out to. You can be sure they’re not just in the market for products like yours; they’ve looked at the exact item you sell. For whatever reason, they didn’t make a purchase, but one well-timed ad could be the impetus that makes them come back.

New channels opening

Another interesting facet of retargeting is the philosophy extends to a wide range of online spaces. Internet users today are accustomed to seeing ads just about everywhere they go. You can pick your opportunity to reach them through a channel that makes sense. One of the more prominent ad partners operating today, Facebook, is responsible for several different platforms that could be good for ads. Forbes recently reported the social giant has opened up Instagram as a retargeting venue, and companies testing the system’s effectiveness have seen impressive return on investment.

Sharpen the image for better retargeting

Of course, the onus is on you to implement the best retargeting solutions you can to ensure the method becomes a cornerstone of your digital efforts and lives up to its potential. One way to see this type of performance is to increase the process’s speed with a customer data platform. If you aggregate information in real time and use that content to create up-to-date retargeting cookies for individual users, you can serve hyper-relevant ads that draw viewers back into the customer journey.

Putting money into any marketing strategy is a serious investment. How well you aim those ads at consumers will determine what kind of return you can expect. This is where the CDP comes in, combining information quickly to ensure any funds you put into retargeting and other data-driven strategies leads to maximized results. Returning consumers to the process of buying products at critical moments can lead to a system where fewer shoppers slip through the cracks and more stay loyal.

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