Dynamic Customer Segmentation

Do away with static customer segmentation once and for all. Our interface makes it easy to build dynamic, multi-dimensional segments that update in real time.

Build Any Segment in Less Than Two Minutes

Select any combination of customer attributes to build your own cross-channel segments, or expand on behavioral and predictive segments already available in the platform.

Keep Up with Customers

Reduce data latency by eliminating static lists and manual handoffs between teams. BlueConic segments update in real time as each individual’s attributes change. You can actually watch the number of associated profiles update as individuals move in and out of each segment.

Build, Analyze, Activate

It’s easy to build multi-dimensional segments in our interface with just a few clicks. Build a segment once, and it is available instantly for analysis and activation across your channels. No delays, no manual processes, and no minimum number of profiles required.

Act on Intent in the Moment

With dynamic segmentation, you can activate marketing the moment intent is revealed. Build on our out-of-the-box behavioral segments for recency, frequency, intensity, and momentum. Or use our AI Workbench to create segments from predictive models, like RFM and propensity to buy.

Discover Segment Insights

Discover new, high-value audiences, identify audience overlap, compare segments, and drill down into customer interests and preferences. Our insights gallery provides visualizations for these insights and more. Or export segment data to other tools for deeper analysis.

Segment Across Channels

Easily manage segments across marketing channels. Our pre-built connections and marketer-friendly interface make it easy to export segments to your various marketing tools for activation across channels, such as email, SEM, display ads, web, and mobile.

See what BlueConic can do for you.

Whether you’re looking for operational efficiencies or improved marketing effectiveness through data activation, our customer data platform can help.