Case Study June 13, 2022 |

Mattel Innovation Becomes Toy Maker’s E-Commerce Core

Industry Retail
Initiative DTC Diversification

About Mattel

Hot Wheels, Gucci Edition. Master of the Universe, Shogun Warrior. Barbie “Rosa Parks” Edition.

These are just a handful of unique offerings in Mattel’s latest product line — but you won’t find them in retail stores. They are part of the Creations portfolio of collectibles launched online by the massive toy retailer in August 2020 to enrich customer engagement, deepen customer loyalty, and open up new intellectual property (IP) and revenue sources for the company.

The pandemic provided the spark for the new business endeavor, which Mattel EVP and CTO Sven Gerjets describes as an internal startup-like initiative comprised of the company’s technology organization, brands division, and marketing group.

“It started during COVID,” Gerjets says. “We were in a world of working from home and we wanted to expand out digital offerings with everyone in this kind of new world of living, which we didn’t know how long we were going to be in.”

In essence, he says, Creations was Mattel’s answer to a question companies continue to ponder even as the pandemic wanes: How do you grow, scale, and meet your customers where they are?

Everything we do is tightly coupled between technology and business. That’s the way we focus on transformation, whether it’s transforming something that is customer-facing or transforming internal capabilities."

Sven Gerjets, EVP and CTO, Mattel

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