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BlueConic, the world’s leading customer data platform (CDP), liberates marketers’ first-party data from all the disparate systems in which it currently exists, and makes it available wherever and whenever it is required by the marketer. More than 200 consumer and B2B brands, including Hearst Newspapers, Moen, T-Mobile, ING, America’s Test Kitchen, and American Kennel Club, leverage BlueConic to automate their first-party data collection across sources, unify it into robust, person-level profiles, and activate it in BlueConic or external marketing platforms to improve customer-centric engagement. Founded in 2010, the company is headquartered in Boston, with offices in Europe.

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BlueConic Profiles
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BlueConic Insights: Segment Analysis
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BlueConic Dialogue Builder
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BlueConic Insights: Funnel Visualization
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