Ethan Halliwell

Chief Financial Officer

Ethan has spent his career focused on modernizing Finance operations and laying the foundations for rapid, sustainable growth in a wide range of industries. Before joining the BlueCrew, he spent 7 years at ServiceChannel, where he worked to build the business from $12M in recurring revenue in 2014 to over $100M in 2021. Prior to that, he spent time at Vixxo, Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo working to build outstanding teams and fueling growth. Born and raised in Connecticut, Ethan moved to Boston to pursue his bachelor’s degree from Boston University. After graduating, he remained in the greater Boston area for the early stages of his career. Today, Ethan lives in Connecticut and enjoys spending his free time at the beach with his family and hiking the wooded trails around his house. Ethan volunteers at the local land conservation trust, where he works to keep open spaces preserved and accessible for current and future generations.

Ethan Halliwell is chief financial officer at BlueConic.