Case Study

B2B marketing teams often own an exhaustive list of named leads. The entire audience of prospects is already in your hands. Marketing analytics professionals comb through data in order to surface actionable insights. But where do the insights go? BlueConic translates insights into action on the Web and across your marketing stack.

The Goal

An asset management firm working with financial advisors in the United States wanted to bring predictive models and insights applied in traditional marketing programs to life on their digital channels. Targeting at the individual level is taking place across offline channels already. The firm regularly runs direct mail and call center campaigns that include anywhere from a hundred to hundreds of thousands of recipients, based on a maximum potential audience of 300,000 licensed advisors in the country. One of the goals for the BlueConic implementation was to bridge this gap by empowering the financial services company to activate online interactions based on these same insights and models.

The Approach

Data collection and integrations were set up to allow the marketing team to interact with users via BlueConic, which acts as a campaign-driven extension to the website. Campaign data, from campaign assignments to product propensity scores, flows into BlueConic. Messaging is tailored based on the individual advisor’s profile and activated dynamically as segmentation criteria is met. For example, product commentary and product related events are highlighted prominently for advisors with a high propensity to be interested in those particular products. It is now possible for highly relevant messaging used across offline channels to be consistent and in focus on digital channels.

The Outcome

By providing a tight integration between campaign management, marketing analytics, and digital channels, BlueConic has enabled our client to rapidly deploy right-time interactions based on marketing campaign association and predictive models. Initial applications of this methodology achieved significant lift in on-site engagement with the topic of the marketing campaign: click-through rates on targeted messages range from 5% to 40% compared with very low prior engagement when users would have had to navigate to find this particular content.

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