Case Study

A membership organization with more than 4 million customers and an expansive digital presence knows that in order to connect with members and prospects, they must be relevant and helpful in their moments of need. With the mantra of “better together,” this organization seeks to be better suited to members’ individual needs with the right offer, in the right moment, in the right channel, to the right customer. In doing so, they’ve achieved triple digit increases in key conversion metrics. Talk about better.

The Challenge

A member service organization has a singular aspiration: to be visible to members at the most relevant time to meet their needs. With more than 30 digital channels to interact with members, the ability to identify a specific person and gather information on their needs in that moment is of the upmost importance. That vision pointed the team in the direction of the solution. Personalization and smarter segmentation inspired the concept of “better together” – that both the organization and its members will benefit if the former meets the needs of the latter. This philosophy includes: One of the primary goals for the BlueConic implementation is to better tailor visitors’ experiences by identifying individuals and then providing them with information that aptly addresses the reason for their visit. Not only does personalization facilitate a superior initial experience online but also avoids the common annoyance of exposing existing members to prospect promotions and instead presents them with relevant messaging – helping retain and up-sell these visitors.

The BlueConic Journey

The first measured program drove an increase in website traffic and interactions once user data was collected and stored in profiles. These individual profiles enable the organization to get to know these users across different platforms and channels in order to further introduce targeted messaging. Based on data about that individual stored in their profile, the brand activates dynamic messages designed for specific segments. For example, a high value prospect in a given product category saw content based on information that specific user was most interested in. That level of personalization resulted in 77% more clicks and 108% more conversions than a standard on-site ad format made for a general audience.

Relevancy leads to better conversion, maximum efficiency, and increased connectedness.

These results are due to the critical ability to identify members upon their arrival to the site, and then progressively augment their profile with the visitor’s behaviors in the web store. As members and prospects are uniquely presented with messages that better cater to their needs, not only are they more likely to respond to the ad, but overall they also are being served a better experience. Relevant messaging allows the organization to better meet the needs of members, benefiting both the organization and its members ~better together~ The importance of recognizing a visitor is reinforced when looking at how segmented marketing works for the organization. For instance, segments exist based on what a member is interested in. Targeting messages based on a visitor’s particular interests has resulted in a 29% increase in open rate and 110% higher click-rate compared to generic content.

Outcomes & Projections

The organization has come together structurally to build relevance and consistency, resulting in growth to over 200 million members. Even further, the marketing team developed five touchpoints that are fully operational and linked including brick-and-mortar retail, email, the online portal, along with any of the sub-domains to the organization’s website. The ability to collect new and connect existing data allows the organization to continuously conceive fresh, focused value propositions in order to drive towards a vision of a completely individualized touchpoint for every online member interaction.


Working toward a “better together” mentality allows the membership organization to use BlueConic as a platform that unifies disparate departments to achieve a common goal. In their words, the ability to easily take control of their marketing landscape grants the organization a joint approach between departments to work toward one personalized approach for their members.

Better marketing: for each member, the right proposition at the right time, through the right touchpoints.

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