Case Study

What’s holding companies back from delivering smarter and more valuable customer experiences? It isn’t a lack of desire or creativity among their business teams, such as marketing, ecommerce, and digital products and experiences. It’s their inability to operate with autonomy and speed when it comes to using customer data.

When you remove operational barriers, you give your business teams the flexibility and freedom to experiment more often and at scale. They will also gain the ability to adapt instantly and with confidence in the face of disruptive change – such as was the case with the pandemic.

Ideas that never saw the light of day because the cost in time and/or budget to execute on them couldn’t be justified suddenly become not just possible, but the new way of working.

Download this in-depth case study to learn how Telia Company changed their way of working and executed on their vision of “personalization at scale” by implementing BlueConic. You’ll also learn:

  • How BlueConic enhanced how they were using Salesforce Marketing Cloud to deliver smarter customer engagements for cross-sell and upsell across email, web, SMS, and in-app channels.
  • How non-technical members of the marketing team used pre-built deep-selling models in BlueConic to reduce churn and improve personalized experiences – leading to 40% more conversions.
  • How implementing BlueConic reduced business teams’ reliance on technical teams and eliminated manual processes for data unification, segmentation, modeling, and campaign programing – saving the company at least $30K per year.

See what BlueConic can do for you.