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Case Update: Belgian Cycle Factory’s Second Pandemic Pivot

The Belgian Cycling Factory (BCF), Belgium’s largest cycling company, owns multiple premium brands like Ridley, Eddy Merckx, MyCorsa, Bikevalley, and Forza.

Our first case study on BCF told the story of their impressive pivot from selling through retail partners to a direct-to-consumer webshop: When COVID-19 caused BCF’s dealers to abruptly close their doors, BCF needed to quickly adapt to salvage bike sales. 

They built a new e-commerce webshop in just one week to help their dealers drive sales online – an entirely new sales channel for the dealers. BlueConic flexed to BCF’s new DTC engagement model, giving BCF the marketing agility it needed to adapt quickly. BCF started collecting and unifying customer data from the new webshop into BlueConic profiles right away. From there, BCF enhanced existing segments and built new segments for immediate activation across channels based on this new data, boosting sales, and generating invaluable insights. 

New Challenge

After the success of their new direct-to-consumer model, Belgian Cycle Factory faced a new challenge: they completely sold out of bicycles. Due to the rapid increase in demand for outdoor activities during the pandemic, the growth of their DTC channel, and COVID-related supply chain slowdowns, BCF no longer had inventory to offer until 2022.

How could BCF pivot, yet again, to drive company and customer value?


The marketing team knew they had to shift from conversion efforts to driving public engagement with the brand, website, and social channels. They realized a huge win would be increasing the number of known profiles in BlueConic to engage in a more authentic, personalized way. But without the ability to sell bicycles, how could they provide value for the exchange?

Inspired by how publishers typically get their signups, BCF created a number of blog posts of unique, inspirational content to promote on social media channels and attract traffic to the website’s news section.

Once the visitor scrolled partly through the article, a BlueConic email wall dialogue was activated, asking the visitor to leave their email address to be able read the rest.

Because BlueConic allows A/B testing in all dialogues, BCF was able to test variations of a “hard wall” and “soft wall” to optimize for the best visual and messaging approach. Additionally, dialogues were set up in each language that BCF supports with just a few clicks.

Belgian Cycle Factory had just become a publisher.

Proven Results

Belgian Cycle Factory’s ability to pivot use cases once again has astounded even us. In just a few weeks, they went from concept to reality and created an entirely new way to exchange value.

To date, their latest post had a 20% conversion to unique view ratio and continues to build their known profile database.

The next step on their journey is using this data to provide even more bespoke experiences for their customers using BlueConic Lifecycles as inventory returns in 2022.

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