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Forrester Report

Companies that fail to adapt their customer analytics practices to both apply predictive modeling & analytics to unified customer data and enable other parts of the business to immediately act on the output of those efforts will fall behind competitors that can.

According to Forrester research, you can use customer analytics technologies to refine data into insights that will help you increase customer lifecycle value (CLV), drive loyalty, and improve the customer experience (CX).

Download Forrester’s Now Tech: Customer Analytics Technologies, Q1 2020 report to get an overview of the current customer analytics technology landscape, the value you can expect to gain from these technologies, and a list of the vendors — including BlueConic. You’ll also learn:

  • The three customer analytics functionality segments and how they are different
  • How to determine which type of customer analytics technology best suits your needs based on your user skillsets, use cases, and analytical maturity level
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