Marketing Cloud CDP vs. Pure-Play CDP: Comparing the Customer Data Platforms

Marketing Cloud CDP vs. Pure-Play CDP: Comparing the Customer Data Platforms

The marketing cloud CDP’s emergence is just further evidence that proves the power and growing popularity of the customer data platform.

On top of acquiring other solutions, the well-known cloud providers — Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle, and the like — have also begun developing their own editions of the CDP, due largely to the substantial investment made in the martech by enterprise organizations, and adding them to their suites.

But as we’ve discussed at length before — both in our webinar on why brands will abandon marketing cloud suites in the months and years ahead and our eBook on the pros of building a best-of-breed martech stack — the clouds simply can’t compete with true, pure-play CDPs like BlueConic.

In fact, we can think of five specific areas in which the marketing cloud CDP pales in comparison (and considerably) to the pure-play CDP.

Check out our “Marketing Cloud CDP vs. Pure-Play CDP” infographic below to view a side-by-side comparison of the two versions of the customer data platform, and learn why the latter martech is the premier database technology for large-scale businesses and their marketing teams today.

marketing cloud cdp

Want more information about the downsides and drawbacks of the marketing cloud CDP and benefits of a best-of-breed martech stack?

Watch our marketing cloud suite webinar today to get in-depth insights from BlueConic COO Cory Munchbach and Director of Sales Engineering Sean Gouldson, and read our comprehensive eBook comparing the two marketing technology approaches to determine how you and your team can construct a custom martech setup built entirely around a pure-play customer data platform that provides a true single customer view.

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