Retail brands with ecommerce stores and brick-and-mortar locations are starting to recognize the (many) pros of merging online and offline data. The biggest benefit? Gaining a true single customer view of their shoppers — and the data foundation to create omnichannel retail marketing strategies.

Just ask Planet Blue SVP of Marketing & Digital Commerce and BlueConic customer Dan Brewster.

Speaking at Discover MarTech 2020, Dan shared how he and his team rely on our pure-play CDP to develop an omnichannel retail marketing approach that helps the brand build complete profiles for every contact in his database and, in turn, deliver richer customer experiences to those individuals.

Watch Dan’s entire session to get insights into his omnichannel retail marketing efforts, including:

  • How unifying data into our CDP gives Planet Blue a holistic customer view that enables cross-channel data liberation
  • Ways Planet Blue uses BlueConic to better understand buyers’ behaviors and interests, like clothing brand preferences
  • Best practices for using a CDP to provide individualized, omnichannel customer experiences for specific shoppers
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