As customer journeys become more fragmented, data silos grow deeper, privacy regulations get steeper, and third-party data becomes less reliable, marketers and the tools of their trade are increasingly handcuffed by a lack of access to the unified, actionable first-party data needed to orchestrate individualized experiences across channels.

In other words, they don’t have their own ‘single customer view’ deliberately designed for marketing purposes. Watch this 15-minute video to learn how BlueConic’s customer data platform (CDP) liberates first-party data from siloed and disparate systems to establish a single customer view that is accessible wherever and whenever it is required for marketing activation. At the end of this video you’ll be able to:

  • Articulate the value a CDP like BlueConic offers to marketers
  • Explain what differentiates BlueConic from other CDPs
  • Understand what to look for during your CDP evaluation process
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