Decrease Bounce Rates

The average bounce rate for ad traffic is 50% on desktop, and 60-70% on mobile. So ensuring message consistency and experience alignment is critical to improve the outcome of your advertising spend.

Different applications driving your ads and your web experience make it tough to recognize an incoming user and the ad message they came from, often resulting in a lack of consistency in imagery, content, and offers.

Decrease Bounce Rates

BlueConic overcomes this hurdle: the platform creates and shares segment definitions with your ad partners based on keywords and demographics, for example. You can now echo campaign messages for those specific user segments and create a relevant and high performing inbound experience. The result: lower bounce rates for campaigns and higher engagement on-site.


A BlueConic insurance customer changes the image on their campaign landing pages based on the target group of the advertising. From the UTM value of the campaign they know what ad-target-segment somebody came from, unveiling their age and gender. This allows them to tailor the landing page with a picture of a person of that gender and age, instead of a generic family picture. Adding this visual relevancy helped this brand decrease bounce rates from 60% to 10-30%.

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