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Only 24% of executives say the various customer communications and data-gathering systems they use are integrated or connected across their organization. CRM’s particular blind spot is digital data, particularly anything occurring in real time.

Given how much brand engagement occurs on digital channels, this is a significant challenge for any brand wanting to use CRM as a master customer database.

Tailor experiences using CRM data - BlueConic


Among your multitude of systems and touchpoints, BlueConic serves as the link between them all by collecting the data directly or via integrations with other tools and then handing over online behavior information to the CRM. It can then be used for offline advertising purposes; alerting you of derived cancellation intent from onsite search; or signaling purchase intent for use by an account executive that an individual has been researching the pricing page in the last 24 hours.

Storing online and offline communications data in your CRM helps you increase real-time relevance, create more personalized conversations, and better post-interaction insight.


A B2B software company is working with BlueConic to improve their trial to purchase conversion rate by enabling their reps to make targeted sales calls based on behavior tracking and enhanced lead scoring via a link from BlueConic to the company’s salesforce.com instance.

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