Improve Look-alike Targeting

Click-through rates for all digital ad formats and placements are at 1.4%, while US marketers have invested over $6B in the last year alone.
Get smarter with your advertising dollars with more sophisticated look-alike targeting.

Even an incremental improvement in CTRs would translate into a significant ROI, but ad tech partners are limited by their lack of insight about what kind of customers should be targeted in order to improve outcomes.

Improve Look-alike Targeting - BlueConic

BlueConic provides this insight by creating a customer data profile for every person that visits your website or uses your mobile app. That profile captures all the data required to uncover these individuals’ needs and intent. Use this invaluable insight that you can use to define segments of users that your ad tech partner, such as Double Click or AppNexus, can use to improve look-alike matching and targeting – honing in on key segments such as those with a high customer lifetime value or who recently abandoned a key task on the site.

BlueConic delivers better segmentation of existing users based on their engagement with your brand across all your digital touchpoints. With this data in hand, you can create better cohorts of prospects to target and drive higher KPIs for your business.


A BlueConic customer has identified three distinct tiers of customer value that it then uses to segment its customers. The marketing team sends those customer value guidelines to DoubleClick for more efficient targeting.

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