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Studies show that the more time an individual spends on your site, the more likely they are to convert and perform meaningful actions. But companies struggle to create personalized experiences that lead to increased engagement.

BlueConic helps you take advantage of the short window of opportunity presented by a visit and turn a casual browser into a valuable customer.

Increase Depth of Engagement - BlueConic

Decreasing page views and time-on-site have an adverse impact on your conversion rates and revenue. That’s why BlueConic helps brands improve website engagement by discerning individual intent from collected and rationalized web behavior. The segments derived from these customer profiles can be the basis of delivering relevant experiences that persuade the visitor to stick around. Or, the segments can be pushed to solutions including Optimizely for more intelligent testing and optimization and Google Analytics or Adobe’s Omniture for deeper analysis. In all cases, boost the time spent browsing on your digital channels and offer richer, more relevant experiences that facilitate key consumer activity.


An ecommerce client personalizes the shopping experience for all visitors – first time or repeat – with BlueConic. As their SVP of marketing puts it, “We can instantly personalize the shopping experience for each consumer, no matter which screen they are shopping from, and no matter if they are a long-time or first-time shopper.”

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