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If you’re like most marketers, you spend around 50% of your digital ad budgets on retargeting. However, due to the lack of data-sharing between ad tech and martech, first party data is often not used to refine audience targeting, hence wasting retargeting budget on a suboptimal audience, including people who’ve already converted.

Buying impressions for the wrong audience is very common. Particularly in the form of targeting existing customers or using messaging that is irrelevant to an individual based on their previous interactions with your brand (completed a purchase, already read a particular article, requested information, or engaged with a particular page/ product, etc.).

Reduce wasted retargeting spend - BlueConic

Often, marketers either rely on waiting for a CRM query to get the right information or just don’t have options to do this at all, missing an opportunity for a real-time, individualized interaction – and wasting considerable dollars in the process.

BlueConic lets you bypass the need for an often-delayed CRM query and instead, use dynamic web behavior data to inform a retargeting platform directly in order to suppress or, conversely, present certain ads for specific users. By providing the data that BlueConic captures in the individual’s profile and feeding it directly into a retargeting cookie, you improve the accuracy of retargeting and reduce wasted ad dollars.


A large telecommunications company built a data hub with CRM data from three different internal CRM sources (the CRM databases for Internet, TV and voice customers). The BlueConic ID and the Double-Click data are combined for each individual are sent to the data hub. Based on the BlueConic ID, the segmented CRM data is pushed back to DoubleClick and the websites where the audiences are served with very segmented messages.

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