Tailor experiences using CRM data

All visitors to the website typically have an identical – or nearly identical – experience regardless of their history and context with the brand, despite the fact that the CRM is packed with historic customer insights.

The lack of integration between these two relevant data sources – web and CRM – leaves cross-sell and upsell opportunities on the table and disappoints customers. BlueConic syncs web and CRM to make better connections with your visitors.

Enrich your CRM database with digital insights - BlueConic


Any marketer who cares about retention wants to avoid exposing existing customers to prospect promotions and instead wants to offer them relevant retention messages.
This requires the recognition of individual, known customers on the website. By associating web visitors to CRM profiles based on the customer’s email address, customer ID, or any other identifier of your choosing, BlueConic creates the connection. So you can guide your customers as they progress through their customer journey, and offer relevant post-purchase messages.


BlueConic works with several publishing clients to tailor the experience for their existing customers by replacing prospect-focused messages for upsell or cross-sell offers. The platform can distinguish customers that have logged into a credentialed area of the site or app or can be identified in the publishers CRM. The result is better engagement and more revenue opportunities.

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