What Am I Getting?

BlueConic is the world’s simplest and most accessible customer data platform, built for the outcomes-driven marketer. With this plan you get full access to the SaaS-based BlueConic customer data platform which features:

  • Annual billing-20%
  • Monthly billing


$9,600per month
Identifiable Profiles

  • Unlimited data collection across channels for all data structures and types
  • Dynamic segmentation to analyze your entire audience base
  • An intuitive personalization engine that delivers interactions based on an individual’s needs
  • Dozens of out-of-the-box integrations for your most important marketing tools
  • Powerful insight visualizations and reporting capabilities



What’s a “profile” anyway?
Glad you asked! A profile is the repository in which all the data the BlueConic platform collects about an individual is stored, which includes any data from other systems that you unify with the data BlueConic gathers. The profile is progressive, meaning that it gets richer based on all the information from different sessions, channels, and devices.
What’s an Engaged Profile?
Engaged profiles are also known as your monthly active users/uniques, and we define them as the number of distinct individuals who engage with your websites or apps that have the BlueConic tag or SDK installed in a given month, both identifiable and anonymous, as measured on the last day of that month.
What’s an Identifiable Profile?
The profile of an individual – dormant or engaged – that contains a piece of information that can be used to verify a unique individual’s identity (such as an email address, customer ID, login credentials, and/or account number, e.g.) in an external system or across devices as that individual engages with your websites or apps. Using identifiable properties gives you the opportunity to continuously recognize the individual in real time or upon potential future engagement to personalize their experiences.
Can you tell me more about the different types of profiles?
The technical mechanisms of the profiles themselves are the same, but the status of the profile will vary based on two factors: identifiability and activity.

  • A profile in an engaged anonymous state is connected to an individual that has shown activity that occurred within the last 30 days but has taken no action that results in identifying that individual across systems or devices. This could be an individual for example who received a highly personalized treatment on your website based on data collected from real-time and previous behavior as well as expressed intent but has not logged in, or provided an email address or any other identifier that could be synchronized with other systems than the website.
  • A profile in engaged identified state is connected to an individual whose most recent activity occurred within the last 30 days and whose profile has been set up to contain one or more properties with identifiable information and effectively harnesses such information.
    Engaged identified profiles are typically populated by a real-time connection between the website and another device or system for instance a CRM system (e.g. Salesforce) or an email provider (e.g. Mailchimp). State of the profile will change from anonymous to identified on the moment of cross recognition of the individual.
  • A profile in dormant identifiable state is connected to an individual whose profile is set up to contain identifiable information and uses such information, who has not shown activity on the website or app yet, or the last activity occurred more than 30 days previously. Profiles in dormant identifiable state are populated, for example, by uploading CSV file in batch with historical customer data which also includes customer IDs that you want to use to tailor the experience in real-time when a matching individual engages or re-engages on the website in the future.
  • Profiles in dormant anonymous state are connected to individuals who have not shown activity in more than 30 days previously and their profiles are not set up to contain nor use identifiable information. Typically this category accounts for individuals that have visited your website two months ago once or a couple of times but have not left traces that you deem to be identifiable and you have not seen them back ever since. We never charge you for dormant anonymous profiles. Period.
What kind of services do you provide on top of the platform subscription?
We provide two types of services to your team or your agency: “Onboarding” and “Progressions” services
Onboarding is designed to ensure that value is realized from BlueConic within the first 30 days of signing the contract. Initial contact focuses on the technical implementation, which involves a single line of code that needs to be added to your website(s). If applicable, mobile SDKs will be delivered and reviewed. We will hold a phone/web conference to confirm your objectives and to schedule a walk-through of BlueConic, which will include assistance with one or two applicable BluePrint solutions. After this walk-through, a follow-up training will allow your team to continually enhance and extend this configuration.
Progressions, on the other hand, are allocated to all clients to continuously improve outcomes through our platform. Once up and running Progressions are opportunities to achieve specific objectives in coordination with Customer Success Managers who are subject matter experts in BlueConic.


What’s included in all of the pricing plans?
All of our customers get access to BlueConic’s customer data platform, which allows brands to harness the data required to power the recognition of an individual at each interaction, and then synchronize their intent across the marketing ecosystem. This includes and unlimited data collection mechanism, dynamic segment discovery and analysis capabilities, an extremely intuitive and powerful personalization engine, a rich ecosystem of out-of-the-box client and server side integrations with your 3rd party marketing tools, full API-access, a mobile SDK, and robust, innovative data visualization and dashboarding.
How does monthly vs. annual billing work?
You get several benefits when you sign up for BlueConic on an annual basis, not least of which is that you can roll-over profiles you don’t use month-to-month or borrow from your total annualized pool in a month you go over to accommodate for variations in your monthly bucket.

And also, the cost of an annual contract is 20% lower than the monthly rates.

What if I exceed the plan’s profile limits?
Traffic limits
Your subscription is bound by the traffic limit for the amount of monthly actively engaged unique users (or “Engaged Profiles”) specified in your plan. Annual clients can roll-over Engaged profiles and borrow profiles from their total annualized pool during their billing period, if you need additional engaged profiles you will be upgraded to a higher tier for the remainder of the contract. Monthly clients exceeding the profiles limit of their subscription get upgraded to the next tier automatically and next month’s invoice will be adjusted accordingly and pro-rated.Identifiable profiles
If at anytime during your contract you need more identifiable profiles than are included in your subscription, you can add them to your subscription in batches of 1000 identifiable profiles at the monthly costs specified on our pricing pages or you can contact us to learn on how to get upgraded at a fixed monthly commitment, whichever scenario is less expensive for your situation. If you think you need more identifiable profiles than available in your subscription at the start of your annual contract, we will work with you to get it done. And, if you are on an annual contract we won’t invoice you for the first 30 days you exceed the limit of identifiable profiles in your subscription.
Do you have a Freemium version and is it actually free?
Yes and yes.
No caveats: Pyxis is a full-fledged, production-ready run of the entire BlueConic platform that we encourage you to sign up for and start using Blueconic today! For a Pyxis subscription we have set friendly limits on the quantity of profiles as specified on our pricing pages. As long as you stay within the boundaries of these and stick to our terms and our fair usage policy you are free to start collecting, segmenting, analyzing, and integrating individual consumer data to personalize your marketing programs in brand new ways. If you want to roll-over your consumer data into a paid subscription give us a call and we’ll make the arrangement.


Do I need technical expertise to begin to use BlueConic?
Nope. You might need some assistance from technical resources within your company to handle the JavaScript or mobile SDK, but once that is done you can be assured that we have designed BlueConic to be accessible from your web browser without technical knowledge. That said, if you are a developer there is also a full list of APIs available.
Who owns the data BlueConic collects?
You do, full stop. Not us, not some other guy – you. Pretty straightforward, huh?
Help! I have more questions. Where can I find more answers?
Have no fear: we’ve got lots of additional information about BlueConic in our Knowledge Base that we encourage you to visit. Of course you can also call us or send us an e-mail anytime!

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