Marketers with a CDP discover new efficiencies and in their overall marketing effort as well as unleash new revenues from customer data that was previously inaccessible or under-utilized, and applying those data to all variety of marketing activities and business initiatives.

One profile, one view.

The better the data, the better the outcomes. Create a dynamic, integrated, first-party dataset about the people that matter most to your company: the ones who actually interact with you

Real-time segmentation.

Take the BlueConic segment challenge: in under two minutes and fewer than 7 clicks, build a segment based on any combination of attributes you wish, and watch as users move in and out of it dynamically (milliseconds are hard to count but give it a try).

Commence data-driven marketing.

No matter what objective your marketing programs are meant to achieve, interactions that are individualized for a specific person out-perform generic, one-size-fits-all messaging.

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Look under the hood.

The platform requires a technical architecture built for speed and scale to make all this possible. Performance is paramount.

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