Real-Time Segmentation.


It’s not unusual for marketers to build different segments in each of their disparate marketing technologies so they can activate the data in multiple channels – whether that’s in the form of a list in an email marketing platform or CRM, an audience in a DMP or analytics solution, or a cohort in a data lake or warehouse. How inefficient!

By unifying all of your known and anonymous first-party data into profiles, you can build segments based on any attribute or combination of attributes for your entire universe of customers and prospects. Combine descriptive attributes like demographics, interests, and preferences with BlueConic’s real-time behavioral attributes to build new segments that are highly relevant to your specific business objectives.

Oh, and when you’re done building a segment, it’s active immediately – not 24 hours later, not a week later –  instantly. And you can watch the number of profiles in a segment change based on the behaviors exhibited by those people as they happen (which can be hypnotizing – you’ve been warned).

See it in action:

Frederick News Post is a daily local newspaper that needed a better way to understand the audience on their website, particularly to distinguish between readers who were in or out of market, as well as those who were subscribers vs. non subscribers. Collecting this data for each individual person allowed the Post to then create simple segments for each group and build targeted, on-site experiences based on those specific attributes. Click-through rates for recommendations generated by BlueConic were 68% better than the previous baseline, too!

Randall Reilly is a B2B publisher that is also reinventing its business to be a data company at heart. Before implementing a CDP, the company had pretty standard data architecture problems. Each data source had its own formatting scheme, so getting the systems to mesh together for reporting purposes was often a very manual process. Using BlueConic, Randall is able to better activate and engage campaigns on behalf of clients; for example, a client can build a prospect list based on certain types of criteria, such as type of vehicle, and then push the list into BlueConic and implement it through Facebook— and Randall Reilly no longer has to manually send lists over to other platforms, which streamlines operations. This is also helping them more efficiently explore new audience segments. For example, the company knew there were a significant number of female operators and truck drivers on the road, but it didn’t have a way to engage them. Having more efficient data resources allowed them to pinpoint drivers in this segment and launch a newsletter catering to this audience, She Drives Trucks.

Kansas City Steaks uses variable web behavior data to inform the retargeting platform directly in order to suppress or, conversely, present certain ads for that specific shopper – in real time. Kansas City Steaks deploys BlueConic for segmentation and tailored content, finding that shoppers that have been exposed to personalization bounce 50% less and convert an additional two percentage points. BlueConic has played an especially useful role around the holiday season, aiding in their focus to increase average order volume.

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