Person-Level Profiles.


The magic of BlueConic starts with the profile and specifically, the ability to collect and store data about individuals, whether they are known or anonymous, right from the very moment they arrive on a site or open an app. The profile is persistent – no cookies or vanishing data here – so you can keep up with your customers all throughout their journeys. Plus, you can collect as many attributes in a profile as you need for your various lifecycle marketing programs. And since the profiles are channel and data agnostic, you’ve got everything you need to create that unified customer view.

See it in action:

The Boston Globe is one of America’s oldest newspapers. BlueConic helped BGM double the number of identified readers over the prior baseline in part by recognizing readers arriving to the site via email. Using BlueConic, BGM is able to identify these email-based readers, merge profile properties from the reader’s previous activities, and leverage insights about content interests and preferences to deliver a more personalized experience. This process not only allows BGM to understand granular reader behaviors, but also to improve relevance in email and on-site interactions. They are able to integrate the user experience across web, mobile, and email to deliver the best experience for the reader at every brand touchpoint.

America’s Test Kitchen is the umbrella for a company with a lot product lines and business units, from television programming, to cookbooks, to an online cooking school. The ATK team uses BlueConic in a number of ways, starting with unifying all the customer data across brands by virtue of the profile being cross-channel and brand. As a customer moves between business lines, their BlueConic profile accompanies them to get progressively smarter about that individual.  The marketing team also uses BlueConic to move customer data from system to system, touchpoint to touchpoint; in one example this means moving CRM data via BlueConic to Google Customer Match and Facebook Custom Audiences for smarter targeting and retargeting campaigns.

Franklin Sports is a manufacturer of premiere sports equipment that needed seamless data pipelines between onsite customer activity and existing marketing tools (Facebook, MailChimp, etc). One of the big value drivers is a cost savings for Franklin, whereby BlueConic allows the data engineers to focus on other high value projects instead of scrambling to update their python code when the Facebook Ads API updates – and saving a headcount with a six figure salary. Another use case is running retargeting campaigns for cart abandoners and shoppers interested in custom batting gloves by passing BlueConic profiles in real time to ad partners to capture additional sales.

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