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Marketers, time to flaunt your amazing data for the world to see. Or at least, get to work personalizing the interactions your customers are having with you across your different brand touchpoints. There’s no excuse for that pop-up box not to acknowledge a multi-time visitor or to keep asking for information about a customer they’ve given you before. Right from BlueConic, activate customer data with smarter ad placements, more targeted calls-to-action, 1:1 content and product recommendations, and relevant cross-channel communications. Go ahead: show me what you’re working with.

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Lee Enterprises, a publisher with more than 50 newspapers, is really smart about monetization and has a mentality of not asking for things a reader won’t give, such as high traffic, one time events resulting in visitors just coming because of peak attention who won’t respond to or be interested in subscriber CTAs. For instance, in 2017 the Billings Gazette reported on two bear attacks and two geyser eruptions and had a lot of subsequent traffic as a result. But these people are only useful as a one time impression and for social sharing – asking them to subscribe or putting up a paywall won’t do much – so they use the site space differently. BlueConic allows Lee to better monetize the real estate on their website.

Winsight, a B2B media company, is one of our most forward thinking and fast moving clients, having gotten up and running with a number of their use cases in 3-4 weeks. One way to make use of your data that virtually all of our publishing clients use is content recommendations, which take the data in an individual profile and combine it with algorithms such as collaborative filtering, virality, and recency to generate 1:1 recommendations on the site. In one particular case, Winsight increased pageviews per visitor from 4 to 5 and time spent on site by 10 seconds by implementing the content recommendations with BlueConic.

Chilewich, a specialty retailer, used BlueConic’s on-site personalization to run a retargeting campaign toward cart abandoners that allowed their small marketing team to recognize a 4x ROI in only the first three months of the program. They have also used data collected in BlueConic to offer shipping promotions to visitors based on location and customer loyalty. By tracking customers’ inbound UTM codes and combining that data with product interests exhibited and conversion funnel tracking, they have been able to get a sense of the effectiveness of retargeting campaign spend.

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