In a marketplace with dozens of players, in a landscape with thousands of solutions, differentiation is as much in what you do as it is in how you do it. BlueConic is a built-for-purpose customer data platform, meaning that since day one, every technical decision we’ve made supports core CDP use cases. Put your nerd hat on so we can geek out together on what makes BlueConic’s architecture so powerful.

Crafted for you – BlueConic is designed to be controlled by marketers so we’ve designed the UI to provide an intuitive point, drag, and click interface that doesn’t require advanced knowledge like SQL for segmentation. In addition, the platform features intuitive in-context dialogue creation and editing (inline, WYSIWYG and HTML) to manipulate any HTML-based channel without a developer or the need to know code.

Made for scale and speed – BlueConic’s multi-tenant architecture is built on an Apache Cassandra database. This NoSQL database is extremely scalable, highly responsive, incredibly flexible, and is known for its read/write speed. Cassandra was originally developed by Facebook, but has become open source and is now widely used (other notable users include Twitter, Reddit, Rackspace, and Cisco’s WebEx).

Designed for intelligence – BlueConic’s recommendation engine and predictive analytics utilize Apache Spark’s machine learning to deliver 1:1 interactions to your customers. Using Spark makes it possible to scale linearly and handle recommendations in a timely fashion for sites ranging in size from very small to very large ecommerce websites or big publishers. It also provides a proven and rapidly growing platform for further additions of algorithms in the future, so we can grow and change with the market’s needs.

Built for stability and security – We stand on the shoulders of giants and use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for all our services, as well as adhere to strict measures to ensure privacy and security. These include comprehensive Role Based Access Control (RBAC) permission management; best-in-class password requirements and authentication standards; HTTPS and OAuth protections; and encryption of all disks.

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We pride ourselves on making all of our support documentation available. Have a look and let us know if you have any questions.

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