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Know the Individual
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BlueConic - know the individual, drive better outcomes


Strengthen loyalty and retention. Drive cross-sell and upsell initiatives. Build subscriptions through relationships. Identify interactions that drive loyalty.



See more conversion, less waste. Use first-party data to optimize ad spend. Echo campaigns on owned channels to increase ROI of paid traffic.



Increase sales and revenue. Lower costs of new customer acquisition. Grow average order value. Win back inactive customers.

We enable digital marketers to architect individual interactions and turn them into exceptional outcomes.

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In the first six weeks since launching BlueConic, Tea Forté has achieved a noticeable 1.4% increase in transaction conversions.”

Jan Hoorntje

CEO, Tea Forté
a Douwe Egberts company

Nobody is literally doing the same thing”

Tim Walters

Principle Analyst
Digital Clarity Group

Our platform collects and unifies rich profiles, delivers intelligent decisions, and activates optimal interactions.

BlueConic Actions


Every action tells you a little more about your user. As they accumulate, these actions give you insight into the individual’s intent…

BlueConic Decisions


Knowing an individual’s intent lets you make better decisions about what to do at each step of the customer journey. The information gathered and stored in each profile helps you make smarter decisions…

BlueConic Profiles


Actions and other information become the basis of each individual’s profile, detailing who they are, what they do and what they want. Together, profiles provide the basis for — and a repository of — user segments…

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