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Financial services companies are prioritizing customer-centricity initiatives to improve the way they recognize and interact with customers across channels and lifecycle stages. BlueConic transforms the way your growth-focused teams operate by empowering them with unified, actionable, and privacy-compliant first-party data to increase their agility and drive business outcomes.

Unify cross-channel data

Collect first-party data from all online and offline channels to form a single customer view that’s accessible to marketing, CX, and other growth teams across the enterprise. Data is automatically normalized and cleaned.

Create new digital products

Design new digital products and experiences for customers using a unified view of their engagement, behaviors, customer lifecycle stage, product preferences, and/or content interests.

Use real-time customer scores

Calculate customer scores by using out-of-the-box or custom machine learning models. Create lookalike audiences, discover new segments, experiment with tailored messages for audiences – all without relying on technical resources.

Reduce reliance on agencies

Improve your operational efficiency and time to market by segmenting and analyzing data without the need for help from costly external agencies.

  • "Blueconic has provided our organization with added capabilities which have allowed us to realize substantial value in our digital marketing efforts."
    Jeffrey LeClair | SVP, Marketing, Direxion Shares
  • "Onboarding a CDP was the first step in really being able to own and manage our own data and understanding our key audiences in more detail."
    Director, Consumer Data Strategy | HEINEKEN USA
  • "The beauty with a CDP is that it acts as the overarching connector that takes on the full customer perspective."
    Lena Lindgren | Head of Customer Value Management & Analytics B2C, Telia Company

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