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Our core values

The BlueCrew distinguishes itself by and aligning to a set of core values. These values provide the basis of our culture, a framework for use in evaluating job candidates and employee performance, and an outline of behaviors that are expected from all BlueCrew members.


Team success over individual achievement, always. Seek different perspectives. Be kind and respectful.

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Make an impact and own your s**t. Bring solutions, not problems. Know yourself and find balance.

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We like people who have fire about everything they do. Light us all aflame; we burn brighter together.

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Check your ego, don’t be a know-it-all, graciously receive and thoughtfully give feedback, and earn your success.

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Nothing worth doing is easy; bring your persistence and relentless pursuit for work of the highest quality.

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Come with questions and keep asking them, of yourself and others.

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Building the dream

The Dream Backstory

Before BlueConic articulated a set of core values, we had the Dream: a weekly presentation by employees about themselves, why they worked here, and what they do. It started as a way for our group of American and Dutch strangers to get to know each other and, although this has evolved over the years, the sharing the opportunity to share our stories remains a cultural pillar for the BlueCrew.

From these seeds, we defined what Building the Dream means to us: “A collective passion, ethic, vision, and set of values channeled by a group to achieve a common goal of being extraordinary."

  • "Hurry up and get here! We’ve got a dream to build."

    Bart Heilbron BlueConic Founder & Chief Executive Officer
    Bart Heilbron Founder
  • "Every member of the BlueCrew is willing to pitch in at any time, in any capacity, to help another member of the ‘Crew for the betterment of the business. I always feel incredibly supported – by my managers, my peers – in anything I come to them with, whether it be professional or personal."

    Morgan Simpson is the Director of Operations & Special Projects at BlueConic.
    Morgan Simpson VP, Chief of Staff
  • "Working for some of the biggest brands in the world (and the absolutely massive amount of data that they generate) creates a lot of interesting technical challenges and provides ample opportunity to be creative. Since there's such a big variety in our customers almost every day is different."

    Bart Leusink is the Director of Data Science in Solutions at BlueConic.
    Bart Leusink Director, Data Science in Solutions

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BlueConic was named a Best Place to Work in Built In’s 2024 Boston Best Midsize Companies to Work For list.

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Together we can.

BlueConic believes in diversity, not merely because it’s a mechanism for happier, more productive teams, but because we believe we have an obligation to work against structural discrimination. This obligation manifests itself in myriad ways—hiring and promotion policies, community outreach, and in our own company culture.

Our goal is for BlueConic to be a fun, productive, welcoming, and safe space where BlueCrew members of all races, gender identities, gender expressions, sexual orientations, physical abilities, physical appearances, socioeconomic backgrounds, life experiences, nationalities, ages, religions, and beliefs are empowered to be able to make an outsized impact every day–for customers, for partners, for employees.

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