Unify and activate first-party customer data across your entire martech ecosystem using named and universal integrations available in BlueConic.

Connections Data Pattern

Campaign Management and Email

Collect behavioral data from web and mobile channels to pass to your email marketing platform and campaign management tools for individualized messaging based on real-time user engagement.


Integrate your ad tech with BlueConic to target audiences based on smarter segmentation, resulting in improved ad performance and reduced costs.


Import attributes stored in your CRM system into BlueConic profiles, and export BlueConic profiles to match and enrich the customer records in your CRM.


Acquire more customers with consistent messaging from your digital campaigns, recover cart abandoners with right-time relevancy, and increase lifetime value with recommendations and communications based on behavioral data.

Analytics and Big Data

Leverage data from your analytics and big data platforms to enrich BlueConic profiles and optimize segments. Or, send individual-level data and events to these systems for better modeling and enrich BlueConic profiles with outputs of those models.


Build look-alike segments in your DMP based on the rich first-party data captured in BlueConic.

Web and Digital Experience

Unify behavioral data at the individual level across web and mobile platforms, as well as activate personalized web and mobile experiences based on the unified profile data.

Identity and Data Enrichment

Enrich BlueConic profiles with additional data from other systems.

Universal Connections

Utilize the flexibility of universal connections to collect data from any source into BlueConic profiles, as well as export data from BlueConic profiles.

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