Experiences by Jebbit

Collect the data you need while delivering value consumers want

Create high-value, 1:1 exchanges with your customers, fueling first-party data collection and delivering meaningful value. Only with Experiences by Jebbit.

Build engaging experiences, collect better data

Build high-impact digital experiences with speed and control — from quizzes to trivia to editorials and more — enabling you to collect the data you need while delivering the value consumers want.

Build experiences quickly


Design fun, engaging quizzes and customer experiences effortlessly, capturing customer preferences. Access over 50 pre-built templates to get started fast.

Launch anywhere


Deploy your quizzes wherever your audience is most engaged—whether on your website, partner sites, mobile apps, packaging, or social media platforms.

Learn instantly


Get real-time analytics and reporting to see how your customers interact with your quizzes and experiences. Optimize for more engagement, lead capture, and better overall performance.

Activate seamlessly


Integrate with 35+ apps and popular CRMs and marketing software to seamlessly push the collected data where it can drive your goals.

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Stronger connections

Increase authentic engagement, conversions, and loyalty by providing genuine value to each and every one of your consumers.

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Richer data

Capture declared data directly from customers to unlock deeper insights and tailor unique experiences for each customer.

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Smarter offers

Deliver hyper-targeted messaging, products, and offers that perfectly align with individual preferences, maximizing impact and profitability.

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