BlueConic liberates your first-party data with the world’s leading customer data platform.

"A customer data platform is a marketer-managed system that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems." - CDP Institute

What customers accomplish with a customer data platform

From the beginning, we saw a lot of value. It was a no brainer because we can craft that dynamic, personal shopping experience, and sell more product.”

Steven Johnson

Digital Marketing Manager

BlueConic has delivered a highly integrated and visual depiction of what my customers look like. It allows me to segment my users and get the right content in front of them at the right times. Since using BlueConic, those that have been exposed to software are bouncing 50% less and converting an additional two points.”

Keith Lehman

Ecommerce & Digital Marketing

Why you need a customer data platform:

Is your customer data fragmented?

Then it’s time to establish a unified customer view across digital channels and from offline to online environments. We got this.

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Is your customer data actionable?

More likely, it’s stuck in databases or systems with no way of using it to inform critical, real-time marketing decisions. No longer.

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What’s your customer data proficiency?

Take 60 seconds to answer four simple questions. We’ll place you on a spectrum of customer data proficiency, provide a series of use cases to begin with, and share customer examples from multiple industries to draw inspiration.

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