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Hiring process at BlueConic

Our interview process is designed to be rigorous, inclusive, and fair, ensuring that all candidates can show up as their authentic self and show the value they’ll bring to our company. You can expect your process to include the following steps.

Intro Call

Your first conversation will be with one of our recruiters, who will want to know all about your motivations, goals, and experiences, so that we can be sure we’re discussing the right role for you. They’ll also share more details about the role you applied for (and possibly others) and provide you with the opportunity to ask your questions!


All candidates complete a cognitive assessment (which measures things like problem solving, critical thinking, and learning abilities) and a personality profile which provides insights into a variety of traits. These insights allow us to look beyond whether you have a particular credential or degree or logo on your resume, and rather pay attention to your strengths and how you can apply them to your role at BlueConic.

1:1 Interviews

You’ll have the opportunity to meet with your potential future manager, peers, and key stakeholders for structured, conversational interview sessions. Through these conversations, our team members will explore a set of competencies that are tied to success in the specific role you’re considering.

Practical Exercise

For each position, candidates are given an opportunity to showcase their expertise and get a glimpse of what this role may look like in practice. You’ll be sent a prompt to work through and then either present your response back to a small audience or return a prepared deliverable.

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