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Jobson Optical Group Transforms its Clients’ Businesses

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About Jobson Optical Group

Jobson Optical Group is a leading healthcare information, education and marketing services company that reaches eyecare professionals with a diversified portfolio of leading multi-channel brands. Their family of brands includes Vision Monday, 20/20 Magazine, Review of Optometry, Review of Ophthalmology, Review of Optometric Business, Review of Myopia Management, VMail, Women in Optometry and Review of Presbyopia & the Aging Eye.


Jobson is passionate about helping eye care professionals (“clients”) maximize marketing performance and enhance patient care. However, these healthcare professionals have historically lacked the data, skills, and resources to identify the individuals who would most likely benefit from or be interested in the product or service being offered.

To improve the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, Jobson sought to empower its clients with the necessary insights and technology to strategically target their audience and deliver personalized messaging and experiences at scale – all while keeping individual privacy in mind.


Unifying profile data for business activation

Understanding and targeting the right audience starts with creating a single view of the customer. Jobson was already collecting a wealth of first-party data from prospects and customers that were engaging with its eight websites and through paid media campaigns. However, this data was siloed across disparate systems that recognized customers and prospects in ways that were unique to each system.

Working with BlueConic and its digital marketing agency RocketMill, Jobson was able to collect, consolidate, and normalize this individual-level customer data into unified customer profiles. These profiles provide a comprehensive, real-time record of each customer’s individual attributes, including their interests, preferences, behaviors, consent preferences, and more. With access to this unified, actionable, and privacy-compliant data, Jobson is able help its clients improve the precision and effectiveness of their marketing programs.

Driving product-led innovation

Powered by the first-party data the company collects and unifies in BlueConic, Jobson rolled out a new marketing service for clients known as Jobson Profile Insights (JPI). With JPI, Jobson is able to define and activate multi-dimensional segments that align with their clients’ specific campaign objectives and messaging in a much more efficient and effective way.

For instance, one of Jobson’s advertising partners was looking to drive awareness for a high-value optometric product. Specifically, they wanted to identify and target users showing the greatest interest in specialized optometric equipment, as well as those with the greatest propensity to covert.

Using the JPI platform powered by BlueConic, Jobson analyzed the available datasets and created segments of consented users based on their interest shown for specific content or products. They then created bespoke on-site banners and personalized email messaging based on these behavioral insights.

To maintain engagement with users that showed the most interest, Jobson then created nurture streams that were activated through personalized email campaigns and additional on-site content. This activation was triggered by the actions of each individual user and took place in real-time. Moreover, each user’s continued engagement was automatically added to their individual profile to build a more comprehensive understanding of their preferences and behaviors.


By utilizing the JPI platform powered by BlueConic to segment audiences based on their behavior across the customer journey, and nurture them with content, offers, actions, and email in real time, Jobson helped its client achieve engagement rates well above the industry benchmark, including:

  • 25% click-Through-Rate from online banner to article

  • 68.5% email Open Rate

  • 5.4% Email Click-Through-Rate

What’s more, the campaign delivered over 100 high quality contacts directly to the advertising partner website and sales team, enabling direct outreach and relationship building. While 100 new contacts isn’t a huge number, the quality of those contacts greatly increases the likelihood of conversion and positions the company for sustained growth in the long run.

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