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Ditch Data Dogma

Use The 6C Strategy For Customer Data That Powers Unique Experiences

The vast majority of organizations say they’ve made significant investments in personalization and related technologies, but a minority of consumers say companies do a good job of creating experiences that are relevant for them. Why?

In an era where undifferentiated data leads to indistinguishable customer experiences, organizations must reconsider, rethink, and revamp their ability to collect data and create a value-based relationship with their customers. In this session, discover what you can do - that leading organizations are already doing - to improve your customer data strategy by effectively collecting and activating unique, zero- and first-party data, as well as how this deeper level of customer understanding leads to better results from personalization.

Together, we'll unpack:

  • Elements of Forrester’s “6C Strategy,” including Characteristics, Considerations, Curiosities, Conditions, Context, and Conceptions

  • Marketing strategies to avoid falling into the sea of sameness when delivering digital customer experiences

  • How to crawl, walk, then run with your customer data strategy to shoot past parity, and achieve a competitive advantage

  • Technologies utilized by companies at various stages of their organizational maturity to achieve their growth goals

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