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Changes in market conditions can disrupt companies that are not built for resilience. Retail companies need to quickly recognize, respond to, and capitalize on changes in customer behaviors. BlueConic transforms the way your growth-focused teams operate by empowering them with unified, actionable, and privacy-compliant first-party data to increase their agility and drive business outcomes.

Unify cross-channel data

Collect first-party data from all online and offline channels to form a single customer view that’s accessible to marketing, CX, and other growth teams across the enterprise. Data is automatically normalized and cleaned.

Gain new customer insights

Use out-of-the-box or custom machine learning models all without technical resources. CLV, RFM, lookalike audiences, and predictive scores can inform campaigns, product development, inventory, and more.

Orchestrate cross-channel journeys

Deliver timely and relevant messaging to individuals based on real-time data about behaviors and transactions coupled with predictive models for product and content recommendations.

Diversify revenue models

Use customer data to create new products and services customers may want based on past purchases, current subscriptions, and other activity, insights, and attributes.

  • "It’s truly enabled our team to work much more cohesively towards our goal of becoming a customer-centric company… because we can approach our first-party data activation in new ways that we haven’t done before. It’s ultimately led to new conversations and ways of thinking about bringing the business forward."
    Nick Visconti | VP of Marketing, Conn's HomePlus
  • “We're not used to things being so user-friendly. We're already so impressed.”
    Anonymous | Dollar Tree
  • "Having BlueConic has opened up a lot of doors from an e-commerce perspective... Having BlueConic, being able to create things on the site, without having to tap tech, has been a huge unlock."
    Dana Green | Director of e-Commerce and Optimization, Comoto
  • "BlueConic will help me cross/upsell better (i.e., "retain" better). A high proportion of our sales occur in a single category. I need to build a personalized cross-sell strategy in MailChimp that takes into account many components of my consumer's first purchase. Did they buy on discount? Did they look at any other categories? Did they come to our website directly or via CPC?"
    Scott Kennedy | Director, eCommerce Analytics & Digital Marketing, Franklin Sports
  • “Before BlueConic, weren't not able to take information from one channel and use it to inform the messaging we push out in another.”
    Saugar Sainju | VP, Growth Marketing, goba Sports Group

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