BlueConic Suite

The Customer Data OS for hands-on doers

Our Customer Data OS gives you the power to do more. Everything from CDP to Clean Rooms to a powerful Experience creation engine powered by Jebbit - all in one place.

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Meet the world’s first Customer Data OS

World-class separately, seamless together, each solution enhances your ability to drive your business forward and create better returns on your customer data investments.

Experiences by Jebbit


Build engaging experiences, collect better data

Create quick-start, high-impact digital experiences to collect the data you need while delivering the value consumers want. From quizzes to trivia to editorials, and more.

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Customer Data Platform


Connect everything, personalize everywhere

Combine all the data you have to create better customer experiences with the BlueConic CDP. By unifying known and unknown customer data into unified, privacy-compliant profiles, and offering intelligent segmentation and real-time activation through an intuitive interface, the BlueConic CDP makes it easier than ever to use data to better serve your customers.

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Clean Rooms


Discover insights, drive revenue

Collaborate with partners to identify new insights and create new revenue streams with BlueConic Clean Rooms. Share anonymized first-party data, augment customer profiles with second party data insights, and directly activate audiences across your advertising platforms.

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What sets us apart

We're setting a new standard in the CDP space, offering an unmatched range of capabilities that empower marketing doers to uncover deeper insights, take decisive actions, and accelerate growth.

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Built for doers

Our no-code approach and marketer-first mindset empower your teams to act faster, work smarter, and achieve greater results.

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Powered by AI

Accelerate results with AI-powered lookalike audiences and customer predictions, enabling precise targeting — no data scientists required.

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Interoperable suite

Mix and match products to perfectly fit your unique business needs, consolidating all your customer data solutions in one place.

  • "Having BlueConic, being able to create things on the site, without having to tap tech, has been a huge unlock."
    Dana Green | Director of e-Commerce and Optimization, Comoto
  • "[BlueConic] has truly enabled our team to work much more cohesively towards our goal of becoming a customer-centric company."
    Nick Visconti | VP of Marketing, Conn's HomePlus
  • “The reason we went with BlueConic was a combination of things… how modern the technology stack is, advanced analytics capabilities, ease of use, as well as company culture.”
    Reem Seghairoun | VP, Global Digital Consumer 360, VF Corporation
  • 3X

    The improvement to Telia’s cross-sell and upsell conversion rates after implementing BlueConic.

    “BlueConic was the technology we needed to enable an entirely new way of working that eliminated previous data bottlenecks and supported cross-functional collaboration.”
    Lena Lindgren | Head of Customer Value Management & Analytics B2C, Telia Company
  • 250%

    The increase in identifiable customers HEINEKEN USA can build direct relationships with.

    “For the first time, we can use HEINEKEN's owned segments instead of relying on third-party data and design robust, personal journeys for our various audiences.”
    Director, Consumer Data Strategy | HEINEKEN USA

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