Case Study January 08, 2019 |

How Increased Site Visitors' Consent 2.5x

Industry Travel & Hospitality
Initiative Third-Party Data Deprecation


acceptance rate for consent requests


The team behind works to create the best articles and video clips that show the highlights of the Netherlands.


The Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions (NBTC) main consumer website,, needed to update their privacy features when GDPR rolled out in May 2018. While followed cookie privacy laws prior to GDPR, the new regulation requires a more stringent opt-in policy. To continue delivering the best personalized experiences to their visitors using behavioral data through BlueConic Dialogues, needed more site visitors to actively give consent rather than continue browsing on their site without taking action.

At the time, 28% of traffic was opting into the consent policy. They saw 72% of their visitors continue to surf their site, but did not accept or deny the cookie tracking policy. Before GDPR, continuation implied consent. But GDPR requires explicit consent blocking the collection of this data from these visitors.


Initially, continued to use a similar design and placement for their new GDPR-compliant consent request message. They soon realized using BlueConic’s built-in solution for GDPR compliance would not only enable them to request and manage consent at an individual level, but also synchronize consent status across their marketing systems.

Because individual-level consent is stored in a BlueConic profile, remains compliant by only using behavioral data associated with visitors who have given explicit consent. They can deliver more personalized experiences to those visitors and share data with third party partners. used BlueConic to A/B test different placements and visuals for their consent request message. The winner? A consent message centered on the page for web and mobile.

A/B testing in BlueConic made a huge impact on our GDPR implementation. It continues to give us insights in how our visitors interact with our website."

Vera Wieringa, Digital Marketing Team Lead,

Results now sees a 75% acceptance rate on their consent agreement – a 2.5x increase. They continue to leverage BlueConic to build and deliver personalized content to each unique visitor after obtaining their consent. With over 500 live variations of their site all managed through BlueConic, is able to automatically deliver personalized offers and recommendations based on each individual’s interests and preferences. Each variation of the page shows relevant conversions that are measured against NBTC’s business goals. And, as their Digital Marketing Team Lead puts it, “Recommending the right content plays an important role in’s strategy to distribute tourism across all seasons and the entire country.”