Case Study October 10, 2023 |

RevZilla Uses Cross-Channel Orchestration to Boost Revenue by 35%

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Industry Retail
Initiative Lifecycle Marketing

Abandoned Browse Templates

  • 32% increase in sessions
  • 34% increase in orders
  • 35% increase in revenue

Abandoned Cart Templates

  • 26% increase in sessions
  • 5% increase in orders
  • 5% increase in revenue

About RevZilla

RevZilla is an online retailer specializing in motorcycle gear. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, they are dedicated to providing new and experienced riders with world-class expertise, innovation, community, service, and support. RevZilla is proud to be a part of the Comoto Family of Brands, which also includes Cycle Gear and J&P Cycles. America’s largest and fastest growing omni-channel platform in the powersports aftermarket-products industry, Comoto’s mission is to serve the rider, fuel the industry, and inspire the community.


RevZilla sells premium motorcycle parts and apparel: high-value items that have a longer consideration time for purchase. With transactions happening sparingly, RevZilla focuses on creating long-term customer relationships that deliver value throughout the shopper’s lifecycle.

Prior to implementing BlueConic, RevZilla had a disjointed customer experience across email and SMS – their two main channels for keeping in touch with customers. Messaging was limited to a broad product category (e.g., helmets, jackets, boots, parts, etc.) which was determined based on single session data, URLs, and search queries. Once a product category was identified for a shopper, the shopper would receive daily product emails over the course of week – each with a different angle about the product. Relying solely on these individual sources of data to shape their engagement strategy, RevZilla was unable to fully convey the genuine value of their products to motorcycle enthusiasts, nor account for where a customer was in their specific journey.


To improve customer experiences and business outcomes, they needed to collect and maintain customer-specific insights, and have mechanisms to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. BlueConic helped to achieve this goal by importing data from multiple disparate systems and using identity resolution to create privacy-compliant, unified profiles.

With richer data through unified profiles at their fingertips, BlueConic helped take RevZilla’s audience segmentation to a whole new level. They created segments using a more complex combinations of inputs including site search query, UTM, visited URLs and custom scoring.

Utilizing Scoring Listeners, RevZilla created real-time segments to target shoppers based on a score assigned to their profile. Scoring points are based on the shopper’s behavior (what they viewed, where they clicked, forms submitted, referral URLs, etc.). Let’s say a shopper visited three URLs that contain the word ‘helmet.’ Their profile would have a score of three which would push them over the threshold for “helmet shopper.” This data is then sent from BlueConic to their email solution via a connection and they initiate SMS and/or email communication protocol specific to that shopper’s interests.

Better data in unified profiles also meant RevZilla could incorporate new engagement tactics, such as offering a discount for first time purchases, sweepstakes, and hosting events to help increase audience size. They could account for different stages of the lifecycle where shoppers are more likely to be engaged or find value from interactions. For example, engaging shoppers with communication specific to their interests and activity while they are actively browsing on the site is much more effective than sending out a timed email based on a product category previously viewed.

Additionally, RevZilla implemented out-of-the-box solutions to create targeted messages to visitors within various stages of their marketing funnel. Tools such as the Abandon Browse and Abandon Cart templates were implemented to reengage shoppers who showed intention throughout their journey but did not complete a purchase.

BlueConic enables us to offer a more personalized email marketing program that puts the customer at the center of everything we do. By implementing their abandon browse template, we realized more than a 35% increase in revenue."

Dana Green, Director of Ecommerce & Optimization, Comoto Holdings, Inc.


Using BlueConic CDP allowed RevZilla to better understand and target their customers. By ensuring that marketing communications are relevant and timely, they boosted conversions and enhanced user interaction with the brand. By implementing the Abandon Browse template, RevZilla increased revenue by more than 35%. They also saw a corresponding 34% increase in orders, and 32% increase in sessions. The Abandon Cart template also showed some positive results, increasing revenue and orders by 5% respectively, and sessions by 26%.

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