Blog July 10, 2024 |

BlueConic Acquires Jebbit, Redefining the CDP Space

We are thrilled to announce that BlueConic has officially acquired Jebbit!

By combining the leading customer data platform with the leader in first-party data-capture and experience-creation, we are creating the first-ever Customer Data Operating System for hands-on doers in marketing and growth.

BlueConic was founded on the principle that when relevant data is easily accessible to those who use it, incredible things can happen. Jebbit shares this belief, and both Jebbit and BlueConic have excelled in bringing this vision to life in distinct areas of customer understanding and engagement. By joining forces, we are combining our strengths to deliver the most advanced suite of data solutions for marketing and growth doers. 

The combination of BlueConic and Jebbit enables marketers to collect their own first-party data through custom quizzes, surveys, lookbooks, and more using Jebbit's no-code AI-fueled experience creator interface. This data, combined with broader enterprise data stored in the BlueConic CDP, offers an array of customer insights unmatched by any other suite. These enriched profiles can then be anonymized in the BlueConic Clean Room for additional segmentation or activation across channels with partners.

While we have big ambitions, many things will remain the same. For our customers and partners, it’s business as usual. We'll be working with Jebbit to integrate our two solutions, and we’ll keep you updated as things progress.

We can’t wait to get started, and I know the Jebbit team feels the same.

For more, read the full press release.