CDP Use Cases in Media & Publishing

Over the last few years, media and publishing companies have had to rethink the way they drive ad revenue and subscription growth. Challenges resulting from third-party data deprecation, changing consumer preferences, and increased competition are forcing these companies to embrace new business and technology strategies, including a shift from third- to first-party data.

To turn their first-party data into a strategic business asset, more and more media and publishing companies are embracing customer data platforms (CDPs) for their data unification and activation needs. Yet one of the biggest barriers to making the most of a CDP is understanding the distinct ways media and publishing companies can take advantage of the technology to achieve their acquisition, engagement, retention, and ad revenue goals.

Download our eBrief to find out how media and publishing companies can use a CDP to transform their audience relationships and accelerate growth. You’ll also learn:

  • Key trends impacting the media and publishing sector

  • How a CDP can power customer engagement and audience monetization strategies while optimizing efficiency at the same time

  • Real-world examples of how other media and publishing companies are using BlueConic that you can use as inspiration for your own business

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