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Overcoming Barriers to Cross-Channel Customer Experiences

As customer journeys become more complex, customer lifecycle marketing is critical for many brands today. But traditional marketing technologies are falling short in their ability to recognize and keep up with customers across channels.

Marketers need a new way to orchestrate cross-channel lifecycle marketing programs that are responsive to each customer’s unique journey.

Watch this video to learn how marketers are enabling their activation technologies, such as campaign management platforms, ESPs, and personalization engines, with access to a single customer view that offers the confidence and utility to act in real-time based on data from across the journey and other key attributes.

You will learn:

  • How technology decisions will determine your level of agility to cope with customers’ rapidly changing behaviors and interests

  • How unifying data into profiles and making them accessible to your marketing team and tools can power 1:1 experiences in every lifecycle stage

  • Tips to leverage unified first-party data in various customer lifecycle stages (loyal customers, repeat buyers, etc.) to improve marketing outcomes

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