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Doubling Down on First-Party Data While Navigating Evolving Privacy Standards

Marketing as we know it is at a critical crossroads. Third-party cookie deprecation and ever-evolving consumer privacy laws are forcing marketers to rethink how they use data to understand and interact with consumers. As if this wasn’t enough, the looming recession is only exacerbating the need for digital transformation initiatives that drive efficiency, scalability, and growth.

This on-demand webinar—featuring Michele Szabocsik of BlueConic, the leading customer data platform (CDP) in the privacy-first era, and Leena Jain Utsch of Coravin, an innovative wine technology brand — explores how marketers can make the best use of their first-party customer data to increase their agility, deliver privacy-led customer experiences, and drive business outcomes.

In the webinar, you will learn:

  • About Coravin’s DTC marketing challenges in the current landscape

  • Why companies are turning to CDPs to enable organizational shifts towards using consented, first-party data as the backbone of their marketing strategies

  • How companies like Heineken leveraged their first-party data in new ways to transform customer relationships and grow their business

This webinar provides timely information and present best practices from both the tactical and strategic marketing perspectives.

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