Marketing Cloud Suite vs. Best-of-Breed Approach: Why Brands Are Turning to CDPs to Power Their MarTech Stacks

Marketing cloud suites have long positioned themselves as the “all-in-one” solution for enterprise brands. Many have even promised the single customer view marketers have long sought to attain and now need to succeed with their lifecycle orchestration and ongoing campaigns.

The truth, though, is marketing cloud suites have fallen short of enterprises’ expectations. In fact, numerous organizations are ditching the marketing clouds altogether in favor of a best-of-breed martech stack approach — one built around the customer data platform (CDP).

Download our eBook, “Marketing Cloud Suite vs. Best-of-Breed Approach: Why Enterprises Are Turning to CDPs to Power Their MarTech Stacks,” to learn why large-scale businesses and their marketing teams are better off with a custom martech stack and CDP as their central database.

In our comprehensive eBook on the two marketing technology approaches, you’ll learn:

  • The many ways in which the marketing cloud suites have failed enterprise companies across industries

  • How marketing cloud “CDPs” pale in comparison to pure-play customer data platforms like BlueConic

  • Why leading businesses are abandoning marketing cloud suites and investing in built-for-purpose CDPs

Download our eBook today to learn why it’s time to transition from your marketing cloud suite to a best-of-breed martech stack.

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