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How Simply Business Used BlueConic Dialogues to Generate 55,000 MQLs in Under Six Months

As a company that values its customers and prospects, Simply Business has always been committed to providing valuable resources to demystify the insurance selection process via its online knowledge center. However, they noticed a gap in converting these site visitors into qualified leads. To improve conversion rates, Simply Business turned to BlueConic to help collect and consolidate their first-party data into unified customer profiles for activation in lifecycle marketing.

Content Gating for Lead Generation

To boost lead generation, Simply Business implemented content meters that request a piece of visitor information, like an email address, in exchange for access to their knowledge center content. This approach allowed them to capture valuable prospect information while offering helpful content to their audience. To deliver a smooth and engaging experience for returning visitors, Simply Business ensured those individuals who had already submitted their details would not see the gate again, making the content readily accessible to them.

The Role of BlueConic Dialogues

BlueConic Dialogues played a crucial role in content gating and prospect identification. Tyler Sox, the Digital Marketing Manager at Simply Business, explained that they had initially used another tool to capture prospect emails, but it lacked flexibility and limited their marketing efforts. Using BlueConic, they were able to set up a variety of Dialogues, activate Listeners, track visitor events (such as scroll depth), and conduct A/B testing. All these efforts were easily monitored through a customized dashboard within the BlueConic platform.

Results and Future Efforts

To measure the impact of their efforts, Simply Business compared conversion rates between a control group, which utilized native forms, and a test group, which used BlueConic Dialogues. The control group had a modest conversion rate of 2.43%, while the BlueConic forms achieved an impressive 7.26% conversion rate – a remarkable increase of 199%. As a result, Simply Business experienced a substantial boost in their lead generation efforts, capturing a staggering 55,000 qualified leads in less than six months.  

Looking ahead, Simply Business plans to enrich the marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) they capture by collecting additional data points, such as insurance switch date, phone number, employee number, and turnover. This  will enable them to serve up personalized content recommendations to individuals who are already highly engaged with their knowledge center.

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