Customer Lifecycle Orchestration

Orchestrate bespoke customer experiences

BlueConic puts you in command of how and where you activate your data so you can improve the outcomes of all your lifecycle marketing programs.

Lifecycle customer orchestration screenshot

Smarter customer engagement

Embrace the next frontier of marketing, whereby all interactions across all channels are an explicit response to who the individual customer is and where they are on their unique journey.

Lifecycle Orchestration


Use Lifecycles to organize, coordinate, and visualize the cross-channel marketing touchpoints designed to advance customers from one lifecycle stage to the next in support of key outcomes.

Personalization Tools


Access a suite of tools available in the platform to personalize interactions. Our personalization templates, called Dialogues, enable business users to define the who, what, when, and where to deliver the optimal message.

Recommendations Engine


Use built-in machine learning models to deliver personalized content and product recommendations to individuals based on their behaviors, interests, purchases, and preferences.

Customer Lifecycle Insights


Gain new insights about your customer lifecycle marketing programs. Understand how customers enter, exit, and move across lifecycle stages, and analyze the effectiveness of personalized interactions.

  • “BlueConic Lifecycles is not just a visualization, it’s a tangible, actionable customer journey map. And it not only allows us to drive insights, but to activate coordinated multi-channel marketing”.
    Kristina Kalpokaite | Head of Acquisition, Vanarama
  • “Our bottom-of-funnel content for purchases and leads wasn’t getting any interaction before we turned on Lifecycles,” Griffith reported. “Now, we have a 50% CTR on most of those assets. It was a huge increase, and I don’t think we would have ever solved the problem without Lifecycles.”
    Lindsey Griffith | Manager of Data Technology, Endeavor Business Media
  • 3X

    The improvement to Telia’s cross-sell and upsell conversion rates after implementing BlueConic.

    “BlueConic was the technology we needed to enable an entirely new way of working that eliminated previous data bottlenecks and supported cross-functional collaboration.”
    Lena Lindgren | Head of Customer Value Management & Analytics B2C, Telia Company
  • “By leveraging BlueConic's actionable insights across brands, we can take personalization to the next level and provide a user experience that drastically outpaces the competition. The result is a more engaged audience, more subscribers, and increased advertising revenues.”
    Chief Consumer Revenue Officer | The Boston Globe
  • “BlueConic has really helped us with segmenting users into different paths and ensuring that we're collecting how far along that path they've gotten. It sounds pretty basic, but it’s very important. It's one of the main things that we have seen a huge benefit from.”
    Sarah Desmarais | Director of Marketing, CRM and Audience, America's Test Kitchen

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